Kate Tuma Make-Up Artistry Interview… Bend Oregon Photographer…

June 12, 2012

Meet Kate – a very talented hair and make up artist in Bend. She has collaborated with numerous brides, photographers and producers not only in the wedding industry but on projects like book covers and magazine shoots. I had a pleasure of working with Kate on a few occasions and can say that she is not only a skilled make up artist but also a very fun girl to be around with whom you feel immediately at ease. For today’s post I decided to ask her a few questions about wedding make up process (and you can check out her awesome page here).

What made you decide to become a make up artist?

I had always been passionate about hair and makeup from an early age, out of 3 sisters i was the girly-girl. I was always involved in performing and pageants so i was used to getting dolled up. I later moved to Nashville, TN and got connected with a great friend who was looking for an assistant on jobs. Her job happened to be a makeup artist to the stars. I went and got certified and continued the same job but no longer assisting. I was a single mother and it was a job that worked well in my situation, i was able to be creative yet pay the bills. It was hard work proving myself but well worth it. Ive been extremely blessed with the opportunity that has been handed to me and i never want to take that for granted.

What appeals to you about doing hair and make up for a bride on her wedding day? After all, it can be quite stressful.

I’ve always been a people person and with weddings im able to meet a ton of people all at once. I get to be a part of one of the most special days in someones life and im very thankful for that.  It can be a stressful day, but that is my challenge, i like to take a stressful situation and turn it into a fun-loving environment and help the bride feel at ease. Every bride is different in their taste and style and i love to help create with them for a unique look that is still them.

What is the process of choosing a make up style for the wedding? Do you recommend doing a trial run before the big day?

The process of a makeup style falls with the bride and how she wants the feel for her big day. I ask many questions such as what her colors are, the reception style, her dress and hair.  From that i come up with a look that is special for each bride. If she has a look in mind I create the look that fits her coloring. I ALWAYS do a trial run beforehand. its important that the bride feels comfortable with you and the style thats created, that way if there is anything that she doesnt like, you know before the day. It allows me and the bride to come into the wedding day already knowing how shes going to look.

You have worked with many photographers on various projects and have seen the final images printed in books and magazines. Are there any recommendations of things to avoid in make up that do not photograph well?

Makeup for the camera is very different from everyday makeup. The camera shows every imperfection so its important to do your makeup well under the lens. The biggest thing to avoid is looking washed out, shine, and use of dark colors. Most brides that havent used a makeup artist will look washed out because they have used a lot of powder or thick foundations. Using glitter or foundation that has a shimmer doesnt photograph well either as it provides a shine in the photo that you do not want. Brides can get away with smokey eyes but it has to be done to their coloring and not heavy because it closed up the eye and you loose the face in the photo.

Are there any specific tips you can share to help a bride choose her make up style? Especially for girls that generally don’t wear make up or prefer a very natural look?

I know its intimidating to have someone else do your makeup not knowing what the thought process is, but that is the difference between hiring a professional. They know how to make you look natural but still have you stand out as the bride. This is why a trial run/consultation is so important between the artist and her bride. Alot of brides leave it up to the makeup artist to choose the style, but i like the bride to be involved. Its her day and she wants to still look like herself but enhanced. As far as a great start to finding looks, the internet is a great for looking up a variety of looks or in magazines. Show them to your makeup artist and they will have a feel of the style you are going for.

How much time should be allowed for make up on the wedding day?

Usually about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the style that the bride chose. Its always a good idea to plan for a bit more time just in case!

How much should a bride expect to pay for a professional make up artist?

Every area is going to be different in prices. In cities, expect to pay more. For professional makeup expect to pay between $70-$300, these prices are based on where you are, how far the artist travels, and how long you expect the artist to stay. There is such a range in pricing so check your local area for artists. Always let them know your budget for hair and makeup. Im always willing to work within a budget within reason.