5 amazing elopement locations in Central Oregon

July 12, 2019

If you are looking to plan a beautiful elopement in Central Oregon you might consider doing it at one of these locations as they are truly breathtaking.

#1 Broken Top and No Name Lake

This one is a bit of an adventure and will require some planning as well as hiking but the reward is a spectacular view of turquoise water at the base of Broken Top Mountain in the Cascades. The trail usually opens July 15 and a rugged 4 wheel drive vehicle is required to get to the trailhead as the road is named the worst road in Oregon for a reason. After traversing past Todd Lake for about 5 miles by car you will be able to park at a designated area and start the ascent on the trail. The distance is less than 3 miles and the trail is easy and offers amazing views all along. It is best to plan for a week day to avoid crowds at either sunrise or sunset.

#2 Dee Wright Observatory in McKenzie Highway

The drive to the Dee Wright observatory is slow and windy, leaving Sisters you will head up highway 232 and pass through forest that gives way to fields of lava rock. After passing the Observatory itself you will find amazing views of the Three Sisters Mountains and can pull off the highway in designated areas of the overlook. It is a great area for a small ceremony that will require no hiking. Do watch your feet as you step on lava rock as it is very sharp.

#3 Green Lakes Trail

Green Lakes Trail is famous for its waterfalls and changing landscape as the hike takes you into the foothills of South Sister. The trailhead is located just past Sparks Lake and while the hike is rather long (about 5.5 miles each way) the scenery becomes very pretty after the first mile and can offer plenty of views for a small ceremony and couples portraits.

#4 Proxy Falls

For couples looking to say their vows next to a waterfall Proxy Falls offers a beautiful secluded spot that is accessible after a shirt hike and scramble into the basin of the falls. You will be greeted by a refreshing mist falling off the water. Best time to come here is mid week in the evening, when the sun dips behind the ridge and leaves the fall of the waterfall evenly lit.

#5 Sparks Lake

Sparks Lake is a classic Central Oregon location. With the views of South Sister and Broken Top and easily accessible it is a favorite with every visitor to the area. Due to its popularity the best times to come here are early morning or late evening in September and October. Before you drive to the actual lake make sure to check out the meadow location right by the campgrounds as you enter Sparks Lake area. It has a beautiful creek running through that keeps the grass green all year round.