As a photographer I always want my clients to have a great experience during their family shoot but I know that things can get hectic and stressful when getting the entire family ready. Here are a few tips for the day:

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1. Have your outfits picked out ahead of time: washed, ironed and set aside at least a few days prior to the shoot. This will prevent having to dig through drawers for missing pieces and leave time for mom to do hair and make up.

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2. Don’t plan any big outings prior: while summer and fall weekends are usually busy with outdoor activities I would recommend making the shoot the main focus of the day. Take it easy beforehand, rest as much as you can and talk to the kids about being excited to have some photos with them.

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3. Don’t dress the kids too early: chances are you won’t want them to eat or do any messy activities. Get ready first and dress the kids as you are ready to head out, this way they won’t feel restricted. Also, don’t stress about an occasional stain or wrinkle, life happens.

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4. Ask the kids (if old enough) if there is anything special that they would like a photo with – maybe its a favorite toy or a blanket. This will give them a little task and something they can have a say in.

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5. Save the treats for after: while a promise of a little reward is a great way to prolong their attention I do not recommend handing out candy or gum during the time we are talking portraits (exceptions apply).

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Relax and have fun!

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