Some of you may remember this sweet family from a year ago when I took some shots for them with newly adopted Mary. I am absolutely amazed at how this little girl blossomed over the last year with her parents: instead of a shy withdrawn child, there was adorable Mary that giggled, talked, hugged, had a doll named Lulu, was very interested in watching me “fix” my camera (change film that is) and patiently and impatiently waited for her doughnut  – a little reward for the photo shoot. Talk about the power of love and parenting. So here we go: Kevin, Chrissi, Mary:)

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This is a truly beautiful family and your photography is just the same.


Your photos are beautiful of those three beautiful people I hold so dear to me. Thank you very much for sharing. I don’t get to see them very often and photos help so much. I appreciate you and your talent.

Wow, these pictures are BEAUTIFUL! You totally captured her playful spirit and expressiveness. Incredible to be reminded through your photos how much Mary has grown in confidence through love into such a vivacious little girl!

(Her parents are pretty gorgeous, too!)

These pictures are so beautiful!! Great job!

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