Liz and Andrew Engaged in Bend

December 7, 2013

Bend Or Engagement0030Bend Or Engagement0031Bend Or Engagement0032Bend Or Engagement0033Bend Or Engagement0034Bend Or Engagement0035Bend Or Engagement0036Bend Or Engagement0037Bend Or Engagement0038Bend Or Engagement0039Bend Or Engagement0042Bend Or Engagement0040Bend Or Engagement0041Bend Or Engagement0044Bend Or Engagement0043Bend Or Engagement0046Bend Or Engagement0047Bend Or Engagement0048Bend Or Engagement0049Bend Or Engagement0050Bend Or Engagement0051Bend Or Engagement0052Bend Or Engagement0053Bend Or Engagement0054Bend Or Engagement0055Bend Or Engagement0056Bend Or Engagement0057Bend Or Engagement0058

I love working with this beautiful couple. Liz and Andrew are true Bendtites living up to the town’s adventurous spirit. A fitness instructor and an avid mountain biker these two are a perfect fit. I am so thankful for Liz’s creativity in making this shoot happen: from her impeccable style to hunting down vintage furniture she has truly made my job too easy. Fuji 400H, Ilford XP2 on my medium format entourage, developed and scanned by Indie Film Lab.


Working with Marina is an absolute pleasure. She is a true professional and artist! I cannot wait to have her capture Andy and I’s July wedding!