Hands down these are some of my favorite kids to photograph ever. First, they are polite (and cute). Second, they listen. And third, they have fun. Usually a prospect of facing 6 boys with my camera would be quite intimidating, but not with these guys. Even on a chilly and windy March day they were real troopers. This is my second time photographing this sweet family and I will definitely be looking forward to many more:) On another note, you should check out their awesome Bend Soap Company that produces all natural (most amazing) soap I have ever tried. And below are the photos:)


natural soaps

Great family!!!

Love these! Marilee — I wish I had a copy of that top right photo in college when you were dreaming of marrying Dwight and having a brood of children :).

It looks like Mom has her hands full with this crowd. I can’t beleive you got them all to sit still for the photos!


How exciting to discover these photos, Marina! This photo shoot was a great success–love your subjects! To get so many good photos of six young boys is quite an accomplishment!

love the first one with the storm clouds! beautiful family!


There ain’t a handsomer pack of kiddos around!!! Love the photos, Marina! 🙂 One of your loveliest shoots!

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