I won’t lie – even though I immensely enjoyed having a month off from shooting, free to go to the mountain to snowboard, my creative impulse could not lie dormant forever and I have planned several shoots during this time that were I could execute a vision that’s been with me for some time. The gorgeous girl in these photos – Stacia, has recently won a national model search contest of TransWorld Surf Magazine and is gracing its pages in the current month’s issue. When the idea of moody Oregon scenery popped in my mind, I immediately thought of her as a model. Of course, as the English nation puts it, weather happens. And instead of a normally rainy Oregon winter day in the valley we got nothing but sunshine. ¬†Looking back, I am really grateful for that fact – the lighting made me push myself to shoot in conditions I thought I did not favor and create images that surprised even me with the drama the light created. Big thanks goes to Kate Tuma Make Up Artistry for creating the perfect look and Kariella Boutique for the impeccable styling. Shot on Fuji 160 NS, Fuji 400H, Ilford 3200 with Mamiya RZ and Contax 645 and developed by PhotoVision. Cheers!


stunning…way to roll with the punches…

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