Whether you are visiting this amazing area with just your kids or are getting together with family for a reunion to celebrate a new milestone, Sunriver is a lovely location to have your time together documented.

Marina Koslow offers sessions for small and big groups that are a mix of classic posed photos and more relaxed portraits that make for fun memories.

To start planning your session set aside 1 hour of your time during your visit. Usually the best time to take portraits is in the evening when the sun is lower and the light turns soft and golden. Central Oregon gets many bright summer days and rain is not typical.


Photography in the beautiful area of Sunriver Oregon



Situated in the Oregon high desert with stunning views of the Cascade Range, Sunriver has long been a destination for families that love everything this area has to offer. Its historic Camp Abbott opened in 1942 and later developed into a world class destination under the management of Sunriver Resort.

With endless bike paths, hiking trails, access to the Deschutes River this little town offers endless recreation opportunities for children as well as adults. And close proximity to Mt Bachelor insures that our winters are just as much fun as summers.


Please inquire to learn more about family photography and reserve a date by submitting this form. 


To get ready for your photo session I advise to color coordinate outfits for all family members. Start by picking an accent color and compliment by neural tones. For example you can pick blue and have family members wear blue, white, grey, khaki and similar colors. This way you still have a lot of flexibility on the pieces everyone wears but the colors will not clash in the photo. You can read more tips on clothing in this blog post.

Usually the best time to schedule a session is in the early morning or later evening, especially in summer months when the sun tends to be bright during the day. Take into account small children’s schedule as we want to make sure that the session is not taking place during their nap times. Pick a location that is beautiful as well as accessible for all family members. I usually advise that travel is minimized for big groups as it is difficult to coordinate and can add unnecessary stress. Ask me for the best spots around Sunriver and Cascade Lakes!