tips on including your dog in your wedding

June 16, 2020

We have all seen the melt your heart moments of adorably clad pooches making an appearance at a wedding ceremony. They can be overly excited or overly shy and overwhelmed with all the attention, but the cuteness factor remains. If you are considering having your pup join the wedding party below are a few tips on making it easier.

Tips on including your dog in your wedding

Bride and groom traditionally start the morning of the wedding separately while they get ready with the wedding party. It can be a busy few hours with people coming in and out, hair and make up being done and last minute touches to the wedding attire. You will need to judge whether your pup can hang in such an atmosphere and not get overwhelmed or anxious to start causing trouble. If you suspect the latter it is best to keep them separated from the big group and maybe even not in the same place entirely. They have a big day ahead after all!

Designate a caretaker for the pooch and have them be in charge of getting them ready and bringing them to the wedding. If you order a floral collar arrangement or have other doggie attire to make them festive do not put it on prior to getting them to the wedding site as things can get messy quickly. Have your caretaker bring the pup, any necessary accessories and a lint roller! (more on that in a second).

You will likely want to have some photos taken with the pup and you can decide whether it will happen before or after the ceremony depending on the timing of the day. I usually recommend having the dog join your wedding party photos: inform the caretaker of when and where these are taking place and have them join you at that time. This is where the lint roller comes in: you will likely give your cutie a few snuggles and the groom’s dark suit might show doggie hair (definitely not something you will want for the ceremony or reception photos).

Once it’s time for the ceremony the caretaker will need to take them to the processional line up and pass them onto the person walking them down the isle. There are no rules here: you can have them walk with one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen, have flower girls or ring bearers bring them in a pull cart, or have the groom walk them down to watch the processional from the alter.

At the ceremony you will need to again make sure that you are not the responsible person as saying your vows is quite a job in itself. Have one of the wedding party members or family seated in the front keep an eye on the pup so things go smoothly is a good idea.

Once the ceremony and photos are over you can give the poochie a few farewell kisses and send them off to relax in peace and quiet while you join your reception. As you can see including your dog in your wedding can be really rewarding with all the cute moments, photos and snuggles you will receive during the day. It does require a bit of planning on your side and if you are having an indoor ceremony I would recommend checking with the venue to make sure it is ok to include them and have them inside during that time. But it will be a truly unforgettable day for you and so special to be able to include your furry family members in your celebration.