Getting ready portraits are usually the start of wedding photography coverage: in most cases photographers spend the majority of this time by the bride’s side. These portraits capture excitement, anticipation and and a few quiet moments that are shared with the closest family and friends. Here are a few tips on getting the best photographs during this time.

-allow more time for hair and make up than you think maybe necessary. it will alleviate unnecessary stress and give you more time to enjoy some laughs with your girlfriends, sisters and mom

-choose a well lit area where you will be putting on your dress, this could be a room with  a sizable window, front porch or any private spot with ample natural light

-designate a friend or family member to keep this area free of clutter and items that will naturally make their way around, such as water bottles, coffee cups, packaging etc

-let your bridesmaids be wearing their dresses when you put yours on, this will make the aesthetics of the photos more uniform and stylized

-have your bouquets delivered to your getting ready location to be used for bridal portraits

In all it is best to relax and let the day flow as it unfolds. As your photographer I will give you a few directions to get images reflecting the mood and design of the venue but otherwise getting ready portraits consist largely of documentary coverage.

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